My work with clients includes

  • Supporting those struggling with anxiety and depression. We roll up our sleeves together to increase coping and activate behaviors aligned with what matters to you.

  • Being a source of strength to those living with ADHD… and a source of strength to those living with those living with ADHD ;-). I have a special interest in ADHD and a legion of energy to help individuals and couples learn how to navigate learning about, making peace with, and thriving with ADHD. In addition to my direct client work I also work with fellow mental health practitioners to support them in embracing new ways of thinking and working with ADHD style brains.

  • Helping couples of all persuasions in building a sound relationship house and acquiring tools to get unstuck. My work here is informed by Gottman research.

  • Applying an integrative mental health medicine lens with clients that wish to take a multi-faceted and holistic approach to problem solving and wellness planning.

  • Consulting with mental health practitioners as both an educator and supervisor for licensure or continuing education.

My Training: I am a licensed mental health counselor in Oregon and Washington and have a PhD in Counselor Education & Supervision. I am a certified integrative medicine for mental health provider and hold certified addiction counselor credentials, meaning I have a deep understanding of chemical and behavioral addictions. 

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One of my strengths is that my life experiences have left me humble and open to possibilities- I'm a possibilitarian!  I have participated in multiple levels of social class, lived in multiple countries and cultures, and have had from good health to challenged health. Each broad stroke of exposure has had a gift embedded in it and lessons….many, MANY lessons!

I love music, movie making, writing and generally play reveille to any and all muses in the room with us to harness the many gifts you have received from your life experiences. We can accomplish and overcome in remarkable, meaningful ways.   

In addition to general counseling, I have specific expertise in:

  • Adult ADHD

  • Partners of Adult ADHD

  • Couples (Gottman Level II)

  • Counselor Education & Supervision