Group coaching and peer support for those with Adult ADHD via Weekly Tele Groups

This group is great for those wanting ongoing coaching and community for managing ADHD. This group will meet for 4 weeks, 60 minutes each. The structure will include a balance of learning tools, establishing goals and checking in on progress towards goals to hear success stories and share discoveries. Dial in access from anywhere makes it easy to attend. 

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Group coaching and peer support for non AHD Partners/Family Members in ADHD impacted relationships via Weekly Tele Groups

Struggles with ADHD often does not happen in isolation- many non-ADHD partners of those effected by ADHD are also impacted. This group is aimed at delivering coaching and community for such partners and family members.  Coaching groups will be structured to share our stories, look at the bio and neurodiversity models of ADHD, examine the core elements of working relationships and how get them met in an ADHD-nonADHD partnership, and empower partners to take charge of their own wellness and ground themselves in being value-centric, not ADHD-centric.  Coaching group runs for 4 weeks, 60 minute sessions. Dial in access from anywhere makes them easy to attend. Thursday, 10AM Pacific/11AM Mountain/12PM Central/1PM Eastern.  

Groups are $140, next group runs Thursdays, September 14 - October 5, 2017. 


Eight Week Expedition for Couples Impacted by ADHD, in the Portland area

Based on the work of John & Julie Gottman, we venture together in a supportive, safe environment to learn about the core pieces of working relationships overlaid with common dynamics that present in ADHD-nonADHD neurodiverse partnerships and discover new ways of responding that will help you thrive. 

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Six Week Journey for Adult ADHD, in the Portland area  

Education and discovery in a supportive group setting to broaden your awareness about ADHD and broaden your responding repertoire when symptoms show up by putting the "must have" tools into your life. Family night in 5th session.

Groups are $210 and run for 6 weeks Thursday evenings from September 14 - October 19, 2017, 7-9PM