I am an integrative counselor, which means I am practiced in weaving together multiple therapeutic interventions-  I bring the best tools to the table with us to capitalize on your strengths versus a one size fits all approach. The approach we choose will always be proven to be effective in treating your particular concern or problem, or evidenced-based.

Some of the therapies I find most used in client work include:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that is interested in the relationship between your thoughts-feelings-bodily sensations and what matters to you.

Adult ADHD Evidenced-Based Treatments

Behavioral Therapies and Mindfulness are evidenced-based treatments for adult ADHD showing significant clinical benefits. I focus on these treatments and weave them together through the ACT model. I also have on tap tips, tricks and tools to offer education, therapy and coaching to individuals, groups, couples, and therapists.

Gottman Methods

I am level II trained in Gottman methods and employ the sound relationship house theory in my work with couples. I also use the Gottman assessment protocol and their structure interventions in a way that transfers the know-how of relationship wellness to you and your partner.

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

I hold a certification in integrative medicine for mental health. This does not mean I am a medical doctor or naturopath- I am not. I have been trained in taking a holistic view of an individual and applying a bioindividuality lens to looking for opportunities for healing. My scope of practice in this regard is in assessment and setting strategy then helping you access some of the AMAZING gifted providers in the area that can support you in the work you decide to do. Examples of this work includes balancing biological rhythms, somatic body work, culinary medicine, herbs and supplements, hydrotherapy/detox, breath work, spirituality, altered states, and more.

Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and talk therapy is simply engaging in therapeutic methods alongside engaging in physical activity. It summons your best brain chemistry as a strength, often puts a desired behavior around movement into real time practice and employs the wide open space of nature into the healing process. It just makes sense.

Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay therapy is a non-verbal, expressive therapeutic method developed by Swiss Jungian analyst Dora Kalff drawing from the work of Carl Jung, Margaret Lowenfeld, and Tibetan & Zen Buddhism. Jung, whose work provides the foundation for sandplay therapy, understood almost a hundred years ago that the mind and body were inextricably linked. In sandplay, this link is seen again and again in both the symbolic activity of the psyche and the embodied experience of healing and change.

My practice focuses on adults, I serve individuals and couples. In my work with couples, I welcome partnerships of all persuasions and embrace diversity in neurobiology, gender identity and sexual orientation.