I am an integrative counselor, which means I am practiced in weaving together multiple therapeutic interventions-  I bring the best tools to the table with us to capitalize on your strengths versus a one size fits all approach. The approach we choose will always be proven to be effective in treating your particular concern or problem, or evidenced-based.

Some of the therapies I find most used in client work include:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that is interested in the relationship between your thoughts-feelings-bodily sensations and what matters to you.

Adult ADHD Evidenced-Based Treatments

Behavioral Therapies and Mindfulness are evidenced-based treatments for adult ADHD showing significant clinical benefits. I focus on these treatments and weave them together through the ACT model. I also have on tap tips, tricks and tools to offer education, therapy and coaching to individuals, groups, couples, and therapists.

Gottman Methods

I use Gottman methodology and the sound relationship house theory in my work with couples. Their assessment protocol with computerized feedback measures and their structural interventions transfer the know-how to you and your partner for how to care for your relationship.

Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and talk is simply utilizing the aforementioned therapeutic methods while engaged in physical activity in a natural setting. It summons your best brain chemistry as a strength, often puts a desired behaviors around movement into real time practice and employs nature into the healing process.  It just makes sense. These sessions are 100 minutes and include time in the office setting goals, time outside, then time back in the office to process the intervention.